Our Beloved Nike has passed away

Yesterday morning, April 14Th, 2010 . Nike passed away peacefully in my room on his blanket with Tommy and I by his side.  Everyone knows the story of how Nike lived before his rescue and the condition he was in when he was finally rescued and all he has endured medically since then but the story I want to tell of Nike is what his life was like after his rescue.


Nike over came so much in his life, he had such strength and will to live, he was a true survivor.  The 11 months Nike spent with us were happy ones, for the first time in his long life, he was part of something real , he never went hungry, he was never cold or alone. Nike had a warm bed to sleep on, lots of toys to play with, lots of doggy friends (many of whom where dogs who came from troubled pasts just like him) but the most important thing Nike had was a family, a family who loved him very , very much and a family that he had grown to love.   I don’t think Nike ever knew what it meant to be petted or kissed or hugged or appreciated before he came into my life.


He was in fact a loner, he could not accept affection, he did not understand what this meant.  I watched this broken animal go from a dog who was completely untrusting to become the most loving friend anyone could ever hope for.  This was not accomplished through training or behavior modification, this dog came alive because he was loved and for the first time in his long life, he learned to Love & to trust .  I was the one who was truly blessed to have been chosen for Nike.


He is, was, and always will be my special boy & the connection we had is not something I can ever truly explain.  Nike not only touched my life but the life of all those who came to know him and all those who watched his story unfold.  His story and life did not end alone, hungry , neglected and tied to a 3ft chain …his life ended with dignity & with a family who loved him . Although he is not with us in this world, he is with me in spirit, he lives on in my heart and through the rescue work we all do in honor of Nike and all those like Nike… My son Erik came to me yesterday to tell me that he looked up the meaning of the name ” Nike” . Nike means ” Victory ” & this is how I wish for him to be remembered , as VICTORIOUS!

I cannot Thank Eric Olsen and Rescue Ink enough for saving Nike and allowing us the opportunity to bring Nike into our lives. They are the ones who saved Nike & He would never have survived if not for them, when they rescued Nike they not only changed his life but enriched mine and for that I am eternally grateful.


In memory of Nike “squish” Buckley Downey,

Until we meet again … you are with me always… .

We Love you & miss you so very much , our beloved Nike .

Love your forever family ,

Krissie, Tommy, Cathy, Erik and Tara

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